Why Image Optimization is Necessary for Your WordPress Website

Images play a major role in your WordPress website that improves the site’s presence and makes it more appealing for the users. Images do not only attract the visitors but also hold them better than the long-written description on any kind of WordPress website. But, every image that you place on your page needs to be downloaded by users from your server to their PC or Mac. It extends page loading times that can frustrate users and have a negative effect on search engine rankings. However, adding a pixel-rich image can be an ideal option for your website whether it

7 Reasons Your Website Should Switch to WordPress

Launched in 2003, today WordPress has become the first choice for most users. Most startups and well-established businesses choose WordPress development to come up with the amazing website. Nowadays, more than 74 million sites are powered by WordPress that publish new posts every second. Let’s check out some reasons why your business should have a WordPress powered website. It’s free Whether you are looking forward to start an online business or launch a portfolio website, WordPress is 100% free. This easy-to-use CMS will always be available for you for free. Flexible The versatility of WordPress is another aspect that makes