How WordPress and SEO help your website grow?

Introduction Most businesses nowadays are moving forward to develop the website in WordPress due to its ease of use.It is a free of charge platform and has a community of highly skilled developers. The community is rapidly expanding a range of formats, templates, and plugins to accommodate any website purpose. WordPress is not solely about blogs but also an excellent choice for SEO. World’s biggest organizations use WordPress as a content management system. WordPress’s user base is growing, and more people are looking to improve SEO for WordPress to help their business develop faster. Growing your WordPress SEO skills is

Top 5 Comprehensive Reasons why use WordPress for Your Website

Introduction Are you wondering, why use WordPress for your website? If yes, then don’t leave as we will discuss it in detail. If you are searching for this question, it means you have heard something from your friends or colleagues about it. But if you are looking for more in-depth information about WordPress, then keep reading this article. We will show you the advantages of using WordPress for your website, giving you a clear understanding of why it’s an extensively popular content management system and web building software in the world. WordPress can accomplish just about anything! So here are

WordPress and Instant Articles on Facebook

Introduction We can see a lot of people who use Facebook daily. It has become a source of information for everyone. Facebook has come up with Instant Articles, which are optimized for mobile. Facebook has tried WordPress and Instant Articles, and it has proved to be a successful one. It’s pretty encouraging for the writers and bloggers out there. To learn more about WordPress and Instant Articles on Facebook, read this article carefully. Currently, there’s a new feature on Facebook for pages called Instant Articles for WP plugin. The Instant Article is documentation that loads faster on Facebook. With Instant