WordPress Maintenance and Support Services for all business sizes

WordPress Maintenance and Support Services for all business sizes

Running a WordPress site doesn’t mean that the job is done. You have to take care. It can ask for some hard work. Maybe this is the reason many fail to keep up with the site. The webmasters are responsible for creating content, making SEO possible, having a strategic outbreak, taking care of social media, controlling security and administration.  If you want to take off majority of these responsibilities off your plate, sign up for a professional WordPress backup service that will not only save your time, but keep everything streamlined. Usually, there are two types of WordPress care plan

Free Drag-and-Drop-WP-Themes-You-Need-To-Try-Right-Now

Free Drag-and-Drop WP Themes You Need To Try Right Now

It’s really not surprising to say that WordPress has changed the digital world. Before WordPress came into existence, creating a website was a task that required pretty good knowledge of coding and web development. Even in the early days of WordPress, you had to have a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS. WordPress’s block editor also had limited functionality.  With the addition of new features and functions, things become easy. With the introduction of drag-and-drop WP themes in WordPress, the platform refined itself and also the entire web development. These easy to use drag-and-drop page themes and builders are making


Customize Your WordPress Theme in Simple Steps

If you have recently installed a WordPress theme without any custom WordPress development services, but you don’t feel that it’s quite right for you, you might start feeling frustrated. There are cantons of options that can be good for you, otherwise, you can always choose to customize your WordPress themes. The only challenge is to find the right way to do it. But, don’t worry, here you’ll get to know which options for customizing your WordPress theme are right so that you can decide how to do it yourself, safely and efficiently. Theme Customization Options Before you get onto changing

Manage Your WordPress Blog With WP Project Manager

Manage Your WordPress Blog With WP Project Manager

WordPress is the most loved among bloggers. No questioning the fact that it is a seamless system that helps you create, manage and simultaneously edit the website. It’s not just a name but the best content management system you can find today. And because of its capabilities, it ensures that your site remains dynamic and vibrant at the same time. Besides all, WordPress provides a host of opportunities like customizing sites, managing SEO, availability of many templates, scalability and simply a dull-scale CMS that you’ll never find anywhere else. With wp project manager, you can control the look of your

Starting a Business? Here’s Why You Need WordPress

WordPress has become perhaps the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. This is the most used CMS that can publish new posts every second no matter the size of the content. It also became a favorite tool among businesses because of how powerful this tool is. However, a lot of start-ups know how great this platform is, or why they should use WordPress for their business. there’ll always be how powerful is WordPress exactly? But if you’re one of those people who have doubts about the power of WordPress, here are few things to prove how powerful


How WordPress Works and the Importance of Database Back Up

If you aim to be an expert WordPress developer, it is important to know how a WordPress site works on your hosting site. Learning the fundamentals will save you from a lot of time by not looking and trying WordPress maintenance or backup plugins. You need to know that WordPress site is composed of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. What you see on site are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. What it uses to save and get the settings and information of your site is PHP scripting language. You can store the data in the MySQL database, including the settings of

WordPress Maintenance: Things to Remember After Installing WordPress

WordPress is widely known as one of the most popular tools in the world for creating and building a website. May it be for personal use, business-related, or your client – WordPress is really on top of its game. How can we say that? Well, it is because this tool is easy to install, customizable, enriched with highly functional features, and ultra-scalable. Amazing, right? This is why a lot of people do count on this tool. However, following a “Five-minute installation tutorial” does not end the process! There’s a lot more to know and to discover. Ask yourself, how about