WordPress DDOS Attack

So within a week of me moving many of my WordPress sites to my new Cloud VPS all my sites went down! It isn’t the fact that it is on a new hosting platform why I am writing this is because the new support team from Webair was able to tell me what the issue actually was. They didn’t beat around the bush or tell me to use some caching program, they told be the root of the problem and even offered to fix it for me! Hackernews had a detailed article back in September about a huge WordPress issue dealing with

WordPress Filters of the Day

WordPress Filters Always trying to improve my WordPress skills and learn actions and filters. This guys make it easier FOTD.  Each day I get three emails, each email contains a new WordPress Filter. Each filter is explained as well as the filter has a use case. As the author states, not all use case examples are awesome, but the goal is to get many of the examples to use in the Codex/Code Reference. So subscribe to his email list and within one year you will be introduces to over a thousand filters available in WordPress right from your inbox. Get

ManageWP, thoguhts

WordPress Maintenance using ManageWP I recent took advantage of the discount that was being offered by ManageWP over the week of July 4th, I do love discounts. Prior to paying for the monthly fees I had tried their free trial a few months back, but to be honest, didn’t do an in depth analysis, which looking back really should have because it gave me access to their business features. But regardless, I went with their ‘Pro’ account as it gave me all the features that I was looking for. The Business account offers some features I wouldn’t use right now, like