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First-rate service. Requests were handled quickly and efficiently. All programming goals were met. My business got the boost I was looking for.

The programming space is full of companies shooting for big accounts, leaving small businesses to fend for themselves with off-the-shelf products. 465-Media got back to me right away, We set development goals and pricing that worked well for us both.

It's true that some platforms, like WordPress, can be learned from scratch. However, it's never as easy as it would appear. Paying a premium to condense the project into a very short time frame was worth it many times over.

I was surprised at how quickly the service could be deployed in my business. I started advertising/using it right away.

Smooth and efficient. Illuminating for a non-techie. Highly recommended.

Bill Lafferty

I have nothing but positive things to say about 465-Media! They were professional, knowledgeable and in-sync throughout the entire project.

465-Media felt like a natural extension of our business throughout the project, and now as a third-party vendor through managing our site maintenance. It's not often that you find a vendor that has your company's best interests in mind - they did/do.

Professional, on-task, and transparent throughout the duration of the project.

That they were so easy to work with, and easily integrated into our business and understood out needs.

Building (re-designing) a website is a lot of work on both the client and the vendor side, but someone 465-Media made the process easy. Through seamless project management made it clear what was expected from our team, as well as theirs!


Excellent experience. You do what you say you will do, and do it well.

I truly appreciate the expertise and realism you bring to each project. I feel in good hands when I ask you to help me with a new project.

Again - you are reliable, thoughtful, and bring up new and helpful ideas. You are also reasonable and always stay in budget.

Trustworthiness and reliability. Whatever the issue is - somehow you fix it.

I would say I have tried several different organizations and none match the competence, reliability and speed that 465-media brings.

I can say that I feel I am in good hands that I can trust. This has not been my experience with many other organizations.

Very easy - amicable - fast - and results appeared rapidly. It is easy to work with Nate Baldwin - an excellent professional!

Annabel Beerel

My organization has been working with Nate and 465-Media for a few years, and the experience has been great. Nate's patient when we hit a learning curve, flexible with when I reach out with a problem, and always quick to respond to queries and questions.

On our most recent website update, which was quite a renovation overhaul, Nate played the part of Project Manager while our internal team took on the most of the design and site setup. Any time we reached out to him for help, he would jump right in.

I never, ever have to stress about our site's security or the possibility of it going down. There are times where this may happen, because it cannot be avoided, but Nate and his team has worked 'round the clock to get it back up and running ASAP.

We interviewed a LOT of firms and submittals before signing on 465-Media a few years ago. Nate's team came recommended and it was an immediate fit.

Know what you want in advance, but be open to suggestions or even full changes, and trust that Nate will get the job done faster and better than anyone else.

Nate doesn't smell nearly as bad as you would expect. 😉

Would 100% do it again, and recommend 465-Media to everyone that asks for a web designer and developer. It's a win-win, every project, every time.

Cassie Grey-Sautelet


Extremely easy to work with and great results!

Very fair pricing and great service!

I have no hesitation recommending them.

Really easy to get started.

Peter Breu

Working with Nathan and his team is a fantastic experience and helped us significantly expand our reach by his redesign of our website.

Having a set schedule that staff and the consultant agreed to in advance made the process seamless. We were able to move through the development of the site in a smooth and timely order. Nathan and his team met our schedule and our budget.

It is a significant element of our work with Nathan, that we can count on a very nimble, responsive team to address any concerns that arise with our website.

As with most things in business, the professional relationship is strong between us as the client and Nathan as the consultant. We rely on this relationship and it only gets better the more we work together.

465 Media came to me highly recommended and I would in turn highly recommend them as they say what they do and do what they say!

The project was on time and on budget and this is invaluable when running a small non-profit organization.

Regular contact was maintained throughout the development of the project and this proved to be a large part of the successful outcome.

Alexandra Lee